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Is there a way to add my natural, darker colour back over the grey?

I have a question about grey hair for men. Mine has gone pretty grey around the back and sides and I'm not ready to embrace it, it looks kind of ratty. I've tried grey blending before in a salon, but it made it too dark and did not look natural. 

Have you any advice on a colour that won't cause further damage?

I have brown hair that I've gradually had lightened over the last few years. Four months ago I asked my hairdresser about going silver/grey. He rightly explained he'd have to use bleach and that I would need to tone it regularly. I did this and my hair was fine for a month. I went back for my roots to be done and four weeks later they turned orange - no amount of toning helped. On top of this I have major breakage at my crown and on top, about an inch from the root.

Should I go back to my old hairdresser?

I had my hair highlighted three months ago where they used a lot of foils, which was great. I just went to another hairdresser to have the same done where she used the normal amount of foils, which I was used to seeing. However, now you can see the growth from the old highlights and the new highlights hardly show! 

I want to go one colour all over!

My roots are dark with some grey, but my mid-length to ends is bleach blonde. I want to go one colour all over. I went to my local salon and asked them what colour they'd suggest, as I don't want to go as dark as my roots are. The colour they suggested was an 8NW all over with lower peroxide on my ends.

Is it possible to be allergic to peroxide?

I'm in desperate need of some advice! Is it possible to be allergic to peroxide? I read a lot about PPD, but my reactions have been from using bleach

Will my hair go green if I dye it back?

My hair is long in length and an ash brown colour with previous blonde dip-dye and partial red dip-dye. I did 'bronde' highlights myself and it looks bad. One side is very patchy and it flushes me out.

Can I get back to my natural colour?

I am a natural blonde and have been dying my hair for years, mainly a lighter blonde. Last November I had stretched roots added to a bright blonde and had this redone again in June, slightly longer - a few inches of a warm brown

I am trying to achieve a grey colour but it always turns out uneven

So it seems whatever I do my colour is always uneven. When I bleach my roots I like to tone them too. I've used all the different brands of crazy colour to try and achieve a grey colour

Every time I apply heat to coloured grey hair it leaves a yellow strip

Every time I colour a client’s hair grey/silver using TIGI Copyright Colour, once the hair is under the heat or being straightened/curled, the colour instantly removes leaving a yellow strip

How can I treat my over-bleached hair?

I have over bleached my hair and every time I wash it and it dries, it feels sticky and I cannot comb it! 

How can I get my roots to match my ends?

I have died my hair a light blonde in which the ends have turned out great, but about 1-2 inches of my roots are a dark ginger/red. How can I get my roots to go the same colour?

How do I manage the growing out phase and the inevitable ‘root’ issue?

I am naturally dark brown in hair colour but have been using permanent hair colour for several years to disguise the grey. I have decided though enough is enough and that I should embrace my natural hair colour; whatever it is! 

Why I am experiencing hair loss after a colour?

I went to my hairdresser to get a cut and colour. I said I wanted to go from a chocolate brown to a shade or two lighter because I felt chocolate was too dark for me. My hairdresser interpreted this as a full head of blonde foils, which I hate! 

I wanted to go grey but my hair has turned blue!

I went to my salon with blonde hair wanting to go grey. Well my hair turned blue and I had a lot of blonde left. They redid it the next day and I have no blonde left but it's still a really ugly blue

How can I get rid of this awful green tint?

I need help big time! My hair used to be halfway down my back and dark in colour. I wanted a change so I had copper colours put throughout. A while after I was advised that blonde streaks would look nice, I went ahead but they turned out green!

Even after my highlights, I am still left with bad regrowth. Why is this?

I am in my thirties and have been having my mousy brown hair highlighted since I was a late teen. When I was younger I was very blonde, but became darker as I aged. Due to my very pale skin, I only seem to suit blonde hair, despite trying on occasions to be dark

Five box hair dyes later and my hair's a complete disaster, please help!

I have, and I accept stupidly, used several box hair colours, probably five in the last 14 days, to colour my hair. I first coloured it to a mousey brown, followed by slightly copper roots, and then a few days later some highlights that left more orange roots, so I immediately attempted a blonde all over

Have I caused permanent damage to my hair using bleach?

I have short fine hair and have had it bleached a couple of times, which gave it loads of body. When I was having the bleach done, I encouraged my hairdresser to put heat on it because it takes quicker, but now my hair has broken and split all over!

After being left with some very dark lowlights, where do I go from here?

I have naturally 'dishwater' blonde hair and I always have a half head of highlights in a nice light ash blonde. However, about a month ago, I went to have the same thing done but the top part came out with a yellowy orange tinge to it

How can I achieve a rose gold blonde?

I recently went to my hairstylist to get my hair coloured and/or highlighted. I brought a picture of this rose gold colour and asked her to get my hair as close to that colour as possible

How can I lighten my roots?

Basically I'm a natural blonde but I used to bleach my hair to make it more blonde. I stopped bleaching it and changed to a normal blonde hair dye, but now when I just touch up my roots they go ginger and it's different to the rest of my hair

How can I get my gorgeous natural red back?

I started dying my hair brown after a really bad break up about four and a half years ago. My natural hair colour is a gorgeous red, which I now want to get back! 

I'm dyeing my hair every two weeks due to my grays, how can I combat this?

I’ve had grey hair since I was a teenager, but over the past six years it has got progressively worse (the majority of it is all at my roots and fringe area). It’s got to the point that I’m dying my roots every two weeks because it’s so noticeable and it’s driving me mad!

Is there anything I can do that will make my hair hold a brown colour or will I just have to continuously dye my hair brown?

I had a horrible experience where I went to get my hair dyed darker but asked that they don't go too dark and to try and avoid any rich chocolaty/reddish tones, I just wanted a natural ash colour. Of course I ended up with exactly what I didn't want, near black hair with a lovely reddish patch at the top

Why doesn't my colourist lighten my entire head from the root up?

I now want my hair lightened again to a nice medium brown. My colourist keeps putting streaks throughout and lightening the roots. I now have dark reddish streaks, reddish roots and dark brown hair! 

I wanted ‘Christina Hendricks’ yet ended up with a more intense red

I am a natural ashy blonde with darker blonde hair underneath, but very light on top. I was having a semi-permanent strawberry blonde colour on my hair every few months, but made the decision to go for a more intense permanent ginger colour, a la ‘Christina Hendricks’

Why is there a gold tint in my blonde?

My problem is that my hairdresser, and previous ones, does not get what I mean by clean blonde, as in no gold whatsoever!!

Is it possible to dip-dye my hair darker at the top and leave the ends blonde, or will it involve an all over tint followed by bleach?

I currently have very light blonde hair and it's been like this for years, so naturally I'm bored of it and quite fancy the dip-dye look

How do I counteract the green colour creeping into my hair each time I dye it?

I dye my hair regularly to cover the greys (I’m naturally brown), but how do I counteract the green colour creeping into my hair, and why is this happening?

Please help, I have been left with ashy, green-grey highlights!!

My natural hair colour is black. I went to a salon to get highlights, which she initially dyed a brown/orange colour - I was very unhappy with this. She went over it with some platinum highlights. It looked amazing except my roots were orange; I'm assuming it is because of the dye she used

Since taking medication, the back of my hair grows out black!!

Previously I had to take medication for a month and since then the back of my hair grows out near to black, but the rest is the same as normal and the hairdresser cannot lift it

How can I remove blonde peroxide?

I recently lost a bet to my dad in which he made me dye my hair blonde. We used some sort of peroxide that you can buy from a store, and I'm nearly positive we did not dye the roots!

A recent dip-dye has left me with multi tones of colour throughout my hair!

I went to a new hairstylist yesterday and asked for a dip-dye effect on my blonde shoulder length hair. I had previously had highlights (a combination of bleach and some more golden tones mixed together) but it was a while ago, so my own colour (dark ash) had already come through in the roots

Is it possible to remove Henna from my hair?

I have used henna for thirty years on my hair and I love it. My problem is I bought a pack of henna sachets from the internet, which were supposed to be chestnut in color, but turned out black!

Why would I experience two types of reaction to hair dye?

When I have my hair coloured at the salon I experience a severe reaction. Yet when I dye it myself at home the reaction is not so severe - just a bit of itching!

Why does my colour fade back to blonde?

I have dark brown hair and have previously had my hair bleached. I have about 6cm of regrowth and I have tried covering this with permanent brown colours over the blonde, but it just fades back to blonde

Why can I not get to the platinum blonde colour I desire?

I have a terrible problem with dying my hair blonde! In my younger years I was naturally a very light blonde, but my hair gradually turned into a dirty blonde or light brown colour

Why does my colour fade so quickly?

I am 80 years old and have coloured my hair Honey Red (strawberry blonde) for years. Now, when I dye it the same colour it does not hold any red and within a few days it is just blonde

I have an allergy to hair dye, what other options do I have?

I recently had a bad reaction to a full head of highlights with foils and a whole head of colour for the first time in 20 years and have been told I should no longer colour my hair

Can I rid my hair of this black hair dye?

My hair is naturally ginger and for the past three years I have dyed it black with shop bought hair dye. Now I hate the colour and would like to go lighter!

Can I get my client to a Level 5 brown using a semi permanent colour?

I've recently come out of training and I have this client who has permanent black hair on the ends, semi-permanent black in the mid-lengths and grey regrowth

I attempted a home bleach which has turned my hair bright yellow!!

I bleached my hair at home and it has gone bright yellow at the top of my head and yellow/orange on the lengths

A recent trip to the hairdresser has left my highlights uneven, and now they won't fix it!

I had a full head of highlights done recently (about 80%) that are very uneven - white at the root and a mix of yellow and orange on the length. I also left the salon with about half an inch of the regrowth

Using a semi-permanent colour has created a lot of colour build-up. How can I correct this?

I have been using a semi-permanent colour on my hair for a few years now, thinking it would fade quicker. But I have a dark brown build-up at the bottom and a lighter hair colour at the top

Using bleach, I am trying to lift a client's hair to a blonde, but it's not working!

I have recently done a full head of bleach on a lady (her base colour is around a five), as she has previously had highlights but decided a full head would be better for her regrowth and her purse strings

Why is my hair turning ginger when I am dyeing it a dark colour?

I've recently started dying my hair from a mousey blonde to a dark brown shade. Over the past little while, whenever I dye my hair, the roots and the very top of my hair all turns ginger

How soon can I have more highlights applied?

I recently had full foil highlights put on my dark brown hair, they came out a caramel colour but I really wanted to be more blonde. Should I have them done again and how soon?

I had my highlights done at my salon and now my blonde highlights are grey! Why is this?

I have dark brown hair and I had my hairdresser put a bunch of blonde highlights in so it looks blonde, and she also did something called "breaking the base" where it lightens the little bit of brown I have so that there isn't so much contrast

Why does my hair go brassy after it is coloured?

The problem I am having is that every colour that is applied (I always go to a reputable hairdresser) goes red, copper or ginger, and I'm at a loss as to what to do about it

Should I get highlights to conceal my grey hair?

I have very dark brown (almost black) hair, with an olive/sallow complexion and I am 32. I have been getting greys since I was 16 (hereditary), and my problem is that I have many greys at the moment and have very thick hair and lots of it, which grows extremely quickly

Due to some bad reactions, are there any gentler bleaching products I can try?

I have very short very dark hair, and about a year ago I started having it bleached (virtually milky white) which I love! However, the last couple of times my head has swollen post bleach (for several days) and it has really been an uncomfortable process  

How can I get my Ombre to look more natural?

I have mid-brown hair with natural red and blonde tones. I recently dyed it Ombre on the ends using powder bleach and 12% peroxide, but it has gone an orange/red tinge

How can I match up Copper Roots to even brighter ends?

I have a bit of hairdressing experience so am dying a friend's hair in a few days. Her hair is a lovely copper colour, a little darker than a 7.43, her base is about a 6 and her roots are showing

After years of applying hair dye my colour now comes out patchy

My hair is naturally dark brown and just below shoulder length, and I have been dying it probably for about 15 years to cover the grey. I'm only really grey around the front, but it's slowing starting to spread

Why is my hair still dark brown after bleached red highlights?

I have very dark brown hair and recently had bleached red highlights applied, which I wanted. I also wanted the rest of my hair to turn a different colour, specifically RV4

How can I get from a honey/caramel blonde to a platinum blonde?

Two months ago I had a full head of foils done. The colour was blonde and it has now faded to a honey/caramel colour.

Is there a way I can rid my hair of its ginger tone and make it baby blonde all in one step?

At the beginning of last year I had fiery red hair but decided I wanted to be blonde, so I stripped it myself which turned my hair pink. I then went to a salon where they put a full head of foils throughout several times

What is the difference between permanent and semi-permanent colour?

Hi John! I have naturally very dark brown hair, almost black. I have noticed recently a few greys appearing at the front of my hair which I colour with a semi-permanent colour as I'm a bit dubious about using a permanent

How do I match dark roots to fiery copper ends?

A client recently came to me to go from brown to a fiery copper look. We achieved the look by cleansing her hair and applying a fiery copper colour which looked fab!

I have lost my faith in salons and am tempted to fix my hair myself!

I am a natural blonde but dyed my hair dark brown. After a year of being brown I had enough and wanted to be blonde again. I took the salons advice and had highlights which faded very quickly and cost me a fortune

How easy will it be to transition to my natural grey hair colour?

I recently went to a hair salon to have a consultation about letting my grey hair grow in naturally. I had red coloured hair when my grey and dark brown started growing at the roots

A recent bleach has left my hair a yellow blonde and very brittle. Any ideas?

I recently had my very thick and dark hair (base colour 5) bleached using foils. It took over an hour to do. I was then put under the climazon for 20 minutes and where my hair is so thick the underneath took very quickly so resulted in my hair going white and breaking off

How can I lighten my natural ginger/copper hair?

I have naturally ginger/copper hair and want to lighten it slightly. I did buy Lee Stafford's Hair Lightening Spray, but after doing more research I am afraid if I use it my hair will become more orange instead of blonde.

I am 58 years old with dyed red hair and am now thinking of going grey naturally

I am 58 years old with dyed red hair and am now thinking of going grey naturally. I have medium tone skin and dark brown eyes. Will this be an easy transition?

I have been trying to reach that almost platinum blonde and black look but my highlights seem to never reach the pure blonde I am looking for

I have naturally very dark, dark hair, almost a natural black on the pigment scale. I love my natural hair colour but unfortunately I have an unreal amount of grey for only being 25 and it stands out like a sore thumb, even when my hair is pulled back.

Should I continue using semi-permanent colours?

I am 25 years old and have been highlighting my hair with occasional full head dyes for the past ten years. I have now reached the point of going all natural with no permanent colour

I want to strip my hair using Colour Oops, but is this a safe option?

I badly need your help! Throughout the past few years I have had bleach blonde hair but not to the point of platinum blonde. My natural colour is sandy blonde with a gold reflect

Would using a medium brown semi-permanent colour give the effects of medium brown highlights?

I have long, very dark brown hair and about 10% grey. I usually have the grey blended to my natural shade with permanent colour

Is there a way to speed up the process of removing toner?

I recently had a toner put over my hair colour and foiled highlights because I wanted to tone down the blonde slightly. However, they are toned down TOO MUCH!

I would like a colour change but I’m not sure where to start

My hair is a natural medium brown in colour (with a few noticeable greys) which I have been dyeing various shades of red/burgundy for about 18 months

Is it possible to get my hair back to my natural red colour?

I currently have a very visible amount of re-growth on my naturally red hair which is currently dyed dark brown

A home dye has turned my roots ginger!

I have been having a full head of highlights on my hair for about a year and a half. Before this I had been using a permanent brown box dye on my hair for years, but this had built up and it took me ages to correct the colour and go blonde

My hair is looking rather yellow, can you advise me of a solution?

For years I have been having blonde highlights in my naturally fair-brown hair. My highlights are a combination of lowlights, highlights and bleach. Recently my hair has been rather yellow in colour after a visit to another salon as they used too much bleach

Why is my black hair colour not lifting?

I recently wanted to change my hair from black which I was dying for some time. I tried having it stripped twice but it didn't do anything apart from make it look brassy

An all over colour has bled across my highlights!

I had professional highlights done four weeks ago to obtain a lighter caramel effect and to disguise a heavy greying hairline, and to generally lighten my hair to soften my features

How can I go grey gracefully?

I am 52 and have been highlighting my hair blonde for the past ten plus years. I am about to get a shorter cut as it has become thin and miserable and also too blonde

Should I stick with my natural silver colour?

When I was younger my hair was naturally dark brown but I have been permanently colouring it for about 15 years, I am currently 63 years old

I have naturally dark brown hair but want to be a slightly lighter, golden colour

About three months ago I had my hair coloured at a local salon. I have been going to them on and off for a year, so the girl that did my hair already had records of my colour.

Allergy to hair dye – are there other options?

I wondered if you could advise me on something. Whenever I use any hair colour I get an allergic reaction every time and my skin, face and eyes swell.

I wanted to go from dark to blonde but my stylist has made a complete mess of it!

I went to have a few blonde highlights put in to start the process of going lighter but the first set went orange - like the fruit, and I'm not kidding!

Is it true that no one uses bleach for highlights anymore?

I recently spoke to a hairdresser that is near me and the lady said that my old hairdresser had no knowledge of hair as no one uses bleach for highlights and the roots will just have to stay and to not even think about dyeing it again!

What’s the best way of covering gray hair when on chemotherapy?

My sister has had highlights for years but is now undergoing chemotherapy so she can't have chemicals on her hair

How can I counteract brassy orange tones in my hair?

 It’s been about two months and my colour is starting to lift. I’m left with a very brassy orange tone in places!

I have been using Just for Men for many years now but it’s not covering my grays that well. What’s the best thing to do now?

I have a grey birth mark on my head which I have been dying since I was 18 using Just For Men. I’m now 40 and have more grey hairs that I want to hide

Since having my roots retouched I am experiencing a large amount of hair loss!

I have just had my roots retouched as I have a lot of grey, but when the hairdresser rinsed it off a lot of my hair fell out mostly on the crown and on the sides

After having a full head of blonde highlights I still have at least a cm of growth showing!

I have just returned from the hairdressers after having a full head of blonde highlights and I still have at least a cm of growth showing - more in some places.

I’m thinking of going blonde with fine highlights so I can eventually go all over grey. Is this the best way to go?

I have long dark hair but I am completely grey around my temples/face, hairline and on top - about 30%. Normally I colour it dark brown but I feel I would like to go older 

Why When I get my hair coloured does my grey root area always comes out a different colour?

My hair is grey from the roots (about an inch) and I have had my hair coloured now for around 20 years

I dyed my hair red but I now want it blonde. How do I do this?

Naturally I have dark golden blonde hair and have been highlighting it for a couple of years. About two years ago I died it red with Schwarzkopf and after about six weeks I went over with Schwarzkopf Iced Blonde

Can I achieve a pink dip-dye without bleaching?

I am currently ultra light blonde and  I had my hair bleached for the first time four months ago

After a complete colour disaster is it better to go back to being brunette or do I have another option?

I have dark brown hair and have half a head of blonde highlights every eight weeks. My hairdresser, who is mobile, suggested I have my usual half head of highlights along with an all over brown tint as this would look less harsh

I had my hair bleached which has left me with breakage and damage

I had my hair bleached three months ago at my salon in which I experienced bad breakage and damage. How long should I leave it before I dye it again?

I always have red/orange undertones showing through once I dye my hair. How do I get rid of these?

I had my hair bleach shampooed in order to achieve red hair. I am naturally a level 2, maybe 3, brown so I was told it was necessary

I want to dye my hair lighter to mask my greys. What do I ask for at a salon?

I really need your advice. I have naturally very dark hair which I started to get greys in my early 20s, so I have been using shop bought hair dye to hide the greys for 15 years. I have only ever used the darkest brown hair dye as it is the closest to my natural colour.

The last few times I have had my hair coloured I have been left with orange tones, why is this?

For a long time now I have had my hair coloured blonde but I am never happy with the result. My hair is naturally light brown and I was getting it coloured with Wella Colour Touch 7.7 with blonde highlights. The colour was lovely at first but on the third time of colouring the semi-permanent colour was giving of orange tones in the sunlight.

I recently had my roots coloured but they turned out brassy, why is this?

My usual salon coloured my grey roots orangey instead of brown, so I went to a Good Salon Guide salon and explained what happened but after paying almost £80.00 I still ended up with brassy roots

My daughter's dip-dye has gone wrong. How do we correct this?

My daughter had her hair dip-dyed today at a hair salon; she had it dip-dyed about four months previously and had a little bit of the blonde bleach remaining in her hair

I have recently had my hair dyed but it is starting to look tacky

My hair colour is a natural mousey brown but for years I have dyed it dark brown, although the end of last year I thought it would be a good idea to dip-dye my hair

I'm looking for a low maintenance way to dye my greys but with a product that isn't going to effect when I go and get highlights

I'm looking for a low maintenance way to dye my greys but with a product that isn't going to effect when I go and get highlights. My hairdresser asks me if my hair is untreated

For the past few salon visits I have been leaving with a ginger tinge to my hair, why is this?

I have naturally light brown hair which I have been colouring blonde for as long as I can remember, always in a salon. The past four or five times I have visited the salon I have left with a ginger tinge to my hair.