How can I get the thickness back in my hair?


My hair used to be four times the thickness that I have now! Can you please suggest some tips so that I can regain my thickness back.

I have curly hair as well and I don’t how to properly care or handle it, could you kindly give me some advice?

Thank you,

Anon, Bangalore


Your hair's quality can be done to diet, health and stress levels. What I would suggest you do is start to rebuild the strength at the root using haircare brand Nioxin. It's a great product that gives real results. It cleans, prepares and stimulates hair growth on the scalp where it matters.  It's been around for 20 years and recently been brought back to market by Wella. There are numbered systems from 1 to 6 so there will be one that suits your hair and texture for you. 

Regarding your curls you will need to visit a salon that has experience in working with texture. My tip is to leave some conditioner in your hair and let it dry, you will see that moisture will improve the finish, stop frizz and control the hair. Once you start to notice this invest in a curl cream to do that exact job for you.

Good Luck!

Nelson Brown of Browns, Dumfries