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Colour Q&A with Jordan Robertson

Can you go from black to blonde? What happens with a big colour change? How can I get back to my natural colour? Questions, questions, so many spring to mind when it comes to the world of colour.

We turned to Jordan Robertson – senior stylist at Pastels Salon Ritz Carlton in Dubai – for the answers to some of the biggest questions when it comes to hair colour.

Jordan, is it possible to go from black to blonde, and what can individuals expect from this process?

Going from black to blonde is possible, but only over a number of sessions with your hair gradually becoming lighter in colour. Contrary to what is implied on celebrity Instagram profiles, such a drastic change will not happen in just one simple salon visit! The main thing you need to expect is that after each session, you will only be a few shades lighter than you were initially at the start of that session. Be prepared too, that you will inevitably go through the orange/yellow stage before achieving your desired result.

Say someone wants a huge colour change; what do they need to be aware of this with this?

It is important to have your hair cut regularly and also to expect to spend the money on your salon visits, as well as take home products - looking after your hair at home is vital when going lighter.

If a salon promises they can take you lighter without mentioning either of the above then I suggest you look at other salons - any stylist who fails to mention these factors either isn’t being truthful with you or he/she does not fully understand the process and what it entails. Remember your hair is your crown you never take off, so your hair needs to be in the best possible hands!

In terms of products, I have a few favourites. I love Kerastase, and hero products from this brand for me include Bain Force Architecte, Ciment Anti-usure and Ciment Thermique. I also recommend using the at-home Fusio Dose treatments to ensure your hair is kept in its best possible condition. Your stylists will prescribe you a bespoke course of Fusio Dose. Use it weekly – this treatment is instant so it can be rinsed off as quickly as your conditioner, but it has longer-lasting effects.

A client is sick of colouring their hair, how do they transition back to their natural shade?

The icon for making a transition back to natural colour is Rachel McAdams. In the past, she wore her hair almost black in colour but a few years ago she started going lighter the same way a client would have to. She didn’t use any extensions or wigs, rather she made the transition gradually going through all the colours that the switch from dark to blonde has, including a red shade. Now she sports a gorgeous blonde natural look, which is really flattering for her skin tone. In fact her colour is my go-to blonde if a client is going lighter from a brunette shade.