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Hello Hair Doctors, I have had a colouring faux pas!!
I am 100% grey and I usually use a 9 and a 10.21 mixed to do my roots and then all over. I love the colour, which is an iridescent pearl light blonde, but today for some reason I used a 9.1 which is light blonde ash. The result – dark silver with a touch of purple roots.
I use L'Oreal recital and am not new to hair colouring myself, which I have been doing for the past ten years. I am thinking of buying a number 9 tomorrow and sticking that on. Do you think it will get rid of the ash?
I am in a bit of a panic as I have two job interviews on Thursday, so any help would be hugely appreciated.
Thank you,
Anon, UK

I am not familiar with the L'Oréal products but putting a base shade on top of what you have done isn't really going to help. In-salon I would normally need to cleanse out the unwanted silver/purple tone and then reapply the desired colour. If you want a quick fix, I would recommend using a golden shade to try and neutralise the purple tone, but maybe on the depth of a 10 so you are not adding more depth to your regrowth. Prior to using a golden tone I would recommend using a good cleansing shampoo a few times to remove unwanted tones.

Unfortunately, without seeing your hair and the depth of silver/purple, this is all I can say for now!

Dawn Johnstone, Master Colour Expert at browns


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