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I wanted silver/grey hair, but it's gone wrong!

Technocracy Hair


I have brown hair that I've gradually had lightened over the last few years. Four months ago, I asked my hairdresser about going silver/grey. He rightly explained he'd have to use bleach and that I would need to tone it regularly. I did this and my hair was fine for a month. I went back for my roots to be done and four weeks later they turned orange - no amount of toning helped. On top of this I have major breakage at my crown about an inch from the root.

My hairdresser says this is because I have either straightened it too much or because I tie it up. Well, I don't straighten the top and I have been tying my hair up as a nurse for years without these problems. I know there's not much that can be done for this awful mini mullet except wait for two years to get the length back. Have you any advice on the colour that won't cause further damage, even if it means going back to brown?

Thank you so much,

Cherie, Manchester

Hi Cherie,

Sorry to hear this has happened to your hair. Without seeing your hair it's difficult to advise you on what to do regarding colour. Moving forward there's a few things that I can recommend you doing… Look at having an Osmo Chromaplex intense treatment, this is a bond builder that moisturises, reconstructs, and nurtures the hair - #1 and #2 are carried out in-salon. You can then invest in the Chromaplex aftercare kit, which includes #3 Bond Sustainer, #4 Bond Shampoo, and #5 Bond Conditioner (it sounds as if there is potentially chemical damage through the lightening process causing the breakage).

Also look for a reputable local GSG salon with a colour expert who will be able to carry out a thorough consultation and advise you on your options with regards to colour options advisable for you. If lighter hair was your goal, it would be a shame to go backwards. With plenty of TLC I'm sure your mane will be restored to its previous glory.

Kelly Shone-Adams, Technocracy Hair