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My Colour is Always Uneven

M-A Salons


So, it seems whatever I do my colour is always uneven. When I bleach my roots, I like to tone them too. I've used all the different brands of crazy colour to try and achieve a grey colour. It always seems to really grab on the roots, but I end up with purple/blue roots and grey ends.

What can I do and why is it going wrong?

Thank you,

Anon, UK


So, creating silver and grey tones require skill and a combination of techniques with intermixing colours and achieving the right level of lift to be able to manipulate tone. To use a crazy colour, the hair would need to be prepped by a professional and this would help with maintenance using a colour shampoo or home colourants. If the hair ph. balance isn’t level, this can cause staining as you have experienced.

I would suggest going to see a lightening (bleach) specialist who can lift your roots, level your ph. balance, and give you the colour you’re longing for.

Matthew-Anthony Whiting, M-A Hairdressing