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My Hair is Damaged by Bleach!

M-A Salons


I have over bleached my hair and every time I wash it and it dries, it feels sticky, and I cannot comb it! I leave it to air dry so as not to apply heat and I have tried clarifying shampoos etc. but it still dries sticky.

Please help, as I am very unhappy with my hair.

Thank you,

Anon, UK

There are a few reasons why this could happen. The most common would be the product build up, or over conditioning; however, a clarifying shampoo should remove/reduce this.

Another reason could be down to hard water in the area, a build-up of copper too. Although here a M-A Salons we advocate Wella and Kevin Murphy. L’Oréal have established a brand known as metal detox, perfect for battling against dissolved mineral deposits and copper. I must also interject with your over bleached hair and recommend you have a good haircut/ restyle to remove as much as you’re willing. Unfortunately, if the hair is dry, damaged, and broken it would split and damage any healthy hair it is linked too.

Best of luck!

Amy Varley, M-A Hairdressing