How can I fix my unhealthy, curly hair?

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I was wondering what hair colour would be perfect on me? I have medium white skin and my eye colour is very dark brown/black. I also have another issue. My hair is curly and short, and it's really unhealthy and doesn't grow. How do I fix it?

Please help me!

Thank you,

Anon, Saudi Arabia

Hello there in Saudi Arabia,

Thank you for your question. It would help me to know what your present hair colour is? But I will assume for now that your natural hair colour is brown?

For hair to accept colour, and for the new colour to stay in the hair after several washes, the hair must be in very good condition. So the first step for you must be to get the condition of your hair right. To do this, the best way would be to visit a good salon where you live and ask for their professional advice on which hair products to buy and use to get your hair in good condition.

The hair molecules need to be closed and smooth so that when you have your first colour applied your hair looks healthy and the colour is even!

There are many products on the market these days to help curly dry hair to become smooth, healthy and shiny. Here is one website for you to investigate. But remember to let a professional hair salon advise you and eventually apply the colour of your choice:

Philip Kingsley produce a product, which is ideal for your curly damaged hair, called Elasticizer. Once your hair is in tip top condition you can try colouring your hair. For paler skin tones and dark eyes, medium browns and honey blondes are an ideal choice.

I hope this will help you, please remember to give more details on your hair when asking for advice next time.

I wish you perfect hair days ahead!                                                                       

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester

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