Why can I not achieve healthy hair?

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I've tried so many things to achieve healthy hair and I really don't know what I'm doing wrong; I'm 16 – male with very fine hair. What I mean when I say my hair isn't healthy is that it feels like straw, looks dry, dull and generally is really thin. It never looks greasy though, just very, very dry, even though it feels soft. I also have random different textured strands at the front of my hair that look very dry, which are my main problem.

My routine: I wash my hair once every two days with shampoo and conditioner, plus a deep conditioner. I towel dry my hair (not roughly) somewhat and let it air dry till it's about 60% dry, then I apply a leave in conditioner, mousse, argan oil and a heat protectant, and of course I blow-dry my hair (on the lowest setting of an ionic blow-dryer).

General factors: I eat quite healthy (including drinking e.g. water); take vitamin supplements daily – A, C, D, E, biotin, fish oil etc… Regularly try natural deep conditioning treatments, regularly try oils such as coconut and olive oil, I’ve tried protein treatments, use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, exercise a decent amount, shower in the morning not at night, take lukewarm showers If I use no products (specifically mousse) - then my hair is extremely thin and appears more unhealthy - I regularly cut my hair every six weeks, sleep on silk pillowcases, get eight hours or more sleep daily, and the water I use is not too hard, I even tried a filter. I also carried out a recent elasticity test and found out my hair does not stretch whatsoever and doesn't break.

There is probably more I have tried in the span of a year or so but I'm really not getting anywhere. I'm not sure if it's heat damage, but I have stayed away from heat for a whole month now and even at the roots my hair is just as dry looking and damaged. The last thing I'm left with is to use shampoo a lot less.

Let me know if you have any suggestions (even if it costs).


Theo, UK

Hi Theo,

Thanks for your question and going into so much depth.

It sounds like you are taking care of yourself and your hair. It sounds to me like it maybe the choice of style that may be the problem.

My general rule to follow when you have fine hair is to take the back and sides of the hair at 50% shorter than the top. This makes the hair on the top instantly appear thicker. The hair on top should not be too long as this will make the hair appear lank. Try brushing the hair on top forward while pushing the fringe up with volume. I have attached some pictures that may help.

The products I would use would be Pall Mall Barbers Sea Salt Spray as a blow-drying aid and Pall Mall Barbers Pliable Clay to style once blow-dried. A matte product always makes the hair appear thicker than water based products like wax or pomade.

If I can be of any more assistance please email me directly on [email protected].

Kindest regards,


(Hair styled and cut by the Pall Mall Barbers Artistic Team)

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