A recent bleach has left my hair a yellow blonde and very brittle. Any ideas?

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I recently had my very thick and dark hair (base colour 5) bleached using foils. It took over an hour to do. I was then put under the climazon for 20 minutes and where my hair is so thick the underneath took very quickly so resulted in my hair going white and breaking off. The top has been left a mixture of blonde and yellow and is now very brittle.

My roots are getting very bad so I'm worried what to do next as just doing the roots with foils would surely leave my already highlighted hair looking patchy.

Any ideas please?

Thank you,

Dawn, Southampton

This sounds like the stylist was very heavy handed in getting your dark hair to a highlighted blonde shade. I personally never place foil highlights under the climazon, because the foils themselves stay warm from the heat from your scalp. This is a good catalyst for the bleach to process successfully. Dark hair as you know is tricky to lighten, but also the maintenance is very high and colour banding, over processing and yellowing can all be a factor.

I think you should seek out a colour specialist, probably in another salon who can advise you where to go from here. Maybe you should consider not wanting to be blonde, but lighter in a different way. Jennifer Aniston comes to mind.

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London

Hello Dawn,

I am sorry to hear about that. It sounds like your hair has been over processed. What I'd suggest is to put colour all over your hair using a semi-permanent to give warmth and shine. The tone is deep brown 5/73 and light brunette golden brown with 1.9%.

Use Philip Kingsley's elasticizer as a treatment and re-moisturizer shampoo and conditioner and the condition will get better.

Joseph Koniak, Artistic Director of Eleven Hair and Joseph Koniak, London

Hi Dawn,

Gosh, you have had a bad experience. I am really sorry to read such mishaps from trusting clients about unprofessional work.

May I suggest you find a really good colour salon and let them advise you professionally. In your case I do not want to comment on how you should proceed as it is essential that you see a professional colourist who will give you the right treatment to repair your hair and give you the colour you desire. Remember to take professional aftercare products home with you. This is important as they stop your colour from fading and keep your hair healthy and shiny.

The best way to find a good colourist is when you are out and about. Look around you, you'll most probably see women around you who have a similar hair length and the colour you would love to have. Stop them and make a compliment on their hair, asking where they have their hair done is the best way to find the right stylist - unless you have a friend or colleague you trust who will recommend a particular stylist/colourist to you.

I always advise my readers and encourage my clients to take cut out pictures of their ideal style and colour to the salon, it is the best way to communicate clearly and leaves the guess work out.

I hope you find your ideal colourist and enjoy wonderful colour days soon,

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester

Hi Dawn,

First and foremost, it sounds as though the condition of your hair needs to be your main priority and requires some attention. I'd recommend having some in-salon intensive conditioning treatments on a weekly basis to try and restore the moisture and protein to your hair.

With regards to the colour, I'd stay away from bleach for as long as possible and instead go for a colour that will improve the condition. Perhaps a light brown semi-permanent tone which will add to the shine and allow some of your existing highlights to show through, leaving you with a more sun-kissed look.

In future, when the condition has returned to normal, you could have some more highlights put through just in time to brighten it for the summer.

Good luck,

Hannah De Frateschi, Stylist & Colourist at Simon Webster Hair, Brighton

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