After a lot of damage from colouring is it OK to put a tint on my hair?

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Eight months ago I had my hair dyed a dark brown colour, my natural colour is dark ash blonde. I had my lovely long hair bleached at the hairdressers twice with very strong bleach, which took my hair to a light brown with an orange/yellow tint.

I had so much damage that I had to have half of my hair cut off, which I hated because it’s so short. I’m now stuck with this dark blonde colour that do not like! I have pampered my hair every day since with protein shampoo and conditioner from my hairdresser, and twice a week I use a deep conditioning treatment.

My hair feels a lot better now and I have recently had a few T-Section highlights put in. My aim is to achieve a white blonde colour, would you recommend I put a very light tint on my hair to achieve what I want?

I feel like my hair’s been through hell for nothing as the colour just doesn't seem to be getting any lighter?

Please help!

Thank you,

Leanne, Plymouth

If your hair has been through hell then do you really want to put it through more just to get to white blonde?

To achieve this colour your hair must be bleached first to a very pale yellow and then toned to get it to a white pure blonde. If you use a pale blonde home hair dye then you probably will end up with brassy yellow hair that is very uneven. Knowing a little about your hair history and what has been done to it in the past I would suggest that you keep to a more natural blonde colour with highlights opposed to a full on platinum shade.

Also if you are keen on keeping your hair long or growing it then this full on colour is not a great choice as it is high maintenance and very damaging.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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