Can anything remove Wella Silver Toner on over bleached hair?

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Can ANYTHING remove Wella Silver Toner on over bleached hair which is a green/grey colour? I have tried colour removers and all sorts but nothing will shift it!

Will my cuticles be completely stained now?

Thank you,

Anon, UK

If your hair has been over bleached and is damaged then it can often hold onto toner and other stains very stubbornly. Any toner should be removable, but factors like hair porosity, sensitivity and cuticle stain all will affect the outcome of removal.

If you have tried to remove it yourself and it didn't work, then I can only suggest that you make a visit a colourist who can assess the situation.

If the hair is too damaged then listen to them as they will want to maintain the condition over changing the colour.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 


May I suggest you go as quickly you can to a professional salon, only a salon who understands colours or is a Wella salon to do a light professional bleach wash.

Please do not try this at home, it is simply to dangerous and could damage your hair in such a way it will cost you a fortune to rectify it, on top of the Stress it can cause.

Your Hair cuticles are most probably damaged already that is why the colour has gone a green/grey, only a really good colour specialist can sort this out and should not cost much.

If you take my advice, your hair colour should look perfect soon.

Good luck Pierre

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester 

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