Can I cover my roots with a blonde dye that's not bleach as my hair is ruined?

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My hair is naturally ginger, not like a bright ginger but you get the idea. Anyway I dyed it brown to cover it but then decided I wanted to be blonde. I went to the hairdressers and they gave me an undertone of ash blonde with some highlights, but this wasn't blonde enough for me so I started bleaching it.

Worst decision ever! My hair doesn't even feel like hair anymore, it's so short where it's all fallen out too! I also have to wash and straighten it every day to get it to some kind of presentable condition. I was wondering if there was any way I can cover my roots with a blonde dye that isn't bleach so I can grow the bleach out, but will still lighten my hair to a light blonde?

Just want some normal hair again :(

Becca Louise, London

Dear Becca,

I can feel for you, in my life many women came to my salon with the same problem as yours, it is a devastating time you’re going through.

Reading into your message, I do feel you need professional help, there is a great salon in London Called Daniel Galvin I can recommend you to Him personally, please listen to what he has to say when you see him and tell him I recommended you. This is my advice, do not mess with your hair at home, visit an expert hairdresser who can nurse you out of this situation, it will take time to get you to your dream blonde, exercise patience and be kind to your hair.

I do realise money may be short, but in your case you should try saving money on something else and have your hair done professionally. The further damage you do to your hair the worse it's going to be. Your roots may be orange and not matching with the rest of your hair, but If you use bleach again on your roots and overlap into the already bleached hair, it may break off.

Please do not do this to yourself, it will get worse than it is now and destroy your confidence even more in the process.

I do hope this answer will help you,
Best regards Pierre

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester

Sorry to hear that your hair is not in the best condition. First thing that I suggest that you do is begin a course of regular deep conditioning treatments. If the hair is breaking then you should consider having a good cut to remove all the hair that is beyond repair.

Now colour, natural ginger hair is quite like dark brown and black hair in the way it lightens to blonde. Sounds strange but it is true, you possibly may have as much red and yellow pigment in each strand as a brunette, so therefore lightening products often struggle to lift this hair type.

Bleach will give the best platinum type of blonde, however you should visit a colourist and enquire whether a high lift tint would be a possibility. They are not as damaging as bleach and you can often achieve a very light clean blonde with them.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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