Can I get multi-tonal blonde hues on top of bleach?

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Please answer my query I just want to feel like me again :-(

Ok here goes, I currently now have, after a few disasters, bleach blonde highlights. However it’s almost now a block colour with a few golden tones. My question is can a colourist give me multi-tonal blonde hues on top of the bleach so that I am still blonde but more of a natural blonde?

I have in the past tried darker lowlights and I know these wash out quickly and leave awful golden tones to my hair. Is it possible to have multi-tonal hues using different shades of light blondes or will they wash out?

I would really appreciate your advice x

Lisa, Lincolnshire

Hi Lisa,

May I suggest you visit a good colour specialist salon to give you on-site advice!  

There are many different hair types, some hair reacts differently than others to the same procedure. For example when hair is over-bleached it almost definitely will not accept soft shade colours due to the fact that in such cases the hair cuticle has been damaged and cannot hold in the colour molecules, that is why the colour will wash out usually by the first wash.

However if your bleached hair is still in tip top condition there may be a chance that some pastel colour products could hold, it all depends how much and how long you had your hair bleached. Maybe try ammonia free ‘INOA’ from L’Oreal, which we use at our salon.

Take care with your hair Lisa :) I do hope this answer will help you.
Best regards,

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Greater Manchester 

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