Can I put a normal blonde dye over highlights?

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I’ve had my hair highlighted many times and some of it has grown out now, will my hair go ginger if I put a normal blonde dye on it?


Anon, UK

If you are wanting the full on blonde like a Hollywood bombshell then I would first go and speak to a colourist face to face. They will be able to help you decide whether it is the right thing and lightening hair is always best left to the professionals.

If you yourself put one colour on your roots to try and lighten them, there is a good chance that it may go warmer than intended as home hair colour doesn't give that bright white blonde colour like bleach highlights give. It also will look a little mono-toned compared to a highlighted blonde. 

However if you have it done correctly then it can look amazing and I love all over blonding.
Hope you love being blonder than blonde!

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks

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