Can you help me with my dry scalp and greasy fine hair? I'd also love to know if a graduated bob may make my hair look thicker

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I have long hair which is feathered, layered and cut around my face without a fringe. It is so fine and thin but slightly thicker at the back - I try to create different partings to cover my scalp more. I have eczema and have to use medicated shampoo, but I also use Aussie shampoo and conditioner - as that is the only thing I have found that doesn't matte up my hair.

I have to wash my hair every day as it gets so greasy. If I have a night out I often have to wash it twice a day so that it will still look ok by midnight. I have seen several hairdressers and they always seem to give conflicting advice and suggest that the only thing I can try is some lotion or potion that is extremely expensive!!

Do you have any other ideas that will help a dry scalp and greasy fine hair? I'd also love to know if a graduated bob may make my hair look thicker, and if a fringe would be possible as I'm not sure I have enough hair to create a fringe. Plus I also wanted to know how I should get my fringe cut as I wear glasses and I don't want to look 'blocked in' LOL! Sorry, so many questions!

Thank you,

Anon, UK

Hi Anon,

Firstly I'd use a prescription shampoo that your doctor can advise as this will treat your eczema. As you mentioned your hair often feels greasy, this can be a result of product build-up, which would also aggravate the eczema. Products bought in a chemist or high street retailer usually contain silicones to 'condition' and detergents to 'clean' the hair, but they actually just disguise the problems rather than treating them. They make the hair feel soft but are really just coating it in silicone rather than injecting real nourishment into the hair shaft.

Often these kinds of products leave the hair feeling lank and greasy the day after styling and although cheap and easily available, they are no substitute for professional products. I suggest taking your stylist's advice as they will want to recommend the best solution for you. In the meantime, to reduce the build-up use a professional deep-cleansing shampoo once or twice a week, like Bumble & Bumble's Sunday shampoo - it's more expensive than high street versions but you really do get what you pay for, and they'll last a lot longer and give you much better results.

Finally, a big YES to the bob - it creates the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. As for a fringe, it depends on your face shape and hair growth patterns as to what will suit your face; so again, a thorough consultation with your stylist is advisable. Good luck!

Zara, senior stylist and colourist at Simon Webster Hair, Brighton

The best product to help you with your query is Nioxon System One, it has peppermint oil and white tea oil which exfoliate the hair and scalp and clears the hair follicle.

The kit retails at £30 and includes a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in scalp tonic. I recommend that you use this as you would your normal shampoo, however three times a week will show results within a month. In respect of your haircut, a graduated bob would work if slightly shorter at the back getting longer to the front. Depending on your face shape the graduation of the bob will be decided by your stylist. A fringe depends on your face shape and whether your forehead is wide or narrow. Another option is to go for a side parting if a fringe does not work for you.

Joseph Koniak, Artistic Director of Joseph Koniak and Eleven Hair, London


Yes I can help you. My first bit of advice is a little education. Layering or layers are designed to remove weight in the hair, so firstly I would say to stop having them and stop asking for them from your stylist. The forum of shape you need is graduation, which is a build up of weight, and as you asked in your question, yes a graduated bob would be great for your hair.

Your questions are great, the more the merrier! A fringe would make the front look thicker yes, as long as the fringe section is taken where the hair would like to fall, this will give you the natural section of hair creating fuller looking hair. Stay away from wispy fringes as they will only make your hair thinner.

Finally products, I hear you, there are so many thickening Blah Blah Blah products out there but nothing like NIOXIN - they guarantee 77% fuller hair or your money back and straight into your bank account too. It works on balancing the scalp and is fabulous. This will stop the scalp being dry and the ends from being greasy. Find a stockist and go for a chat with them - It does work, I promise.

Nelson Brown of browns in Dumfries

Hello there,

I can feel for you, but you are not alone with your hair and scalp problem. There are millions of women and men who have a similar hair problem as you. We recently had amazing success with one of our clients at our Manchester city centre salon that had the same hair and scalp condition like you. She tried many of the world’s best products but nothing really helped to cure her dry flaky scalp and greasy fine hair - until I found the only shampoo for her which has cured her problems at last!

The producer of this product is Tony Maleedy, one of the most respected Trichologists in the world. Tony develops and researches hair and scalp products for many large companies. However, he retails online only one super shampoo which has a built in conditioner and which leaves your hair clean and shiny as well free from grease and at the same time cures your scalp over a short time of use.

Your Scalp: The combination of dry scalp and greasy hair is a common phenomenon, especially with women who have fine hair. Men do have the same symptoms but mostly go unnoticed as many men shampoo their hair daily and usually have short hair. I enclose for you Tony Maleedy’s webpage where you can buy this amazing shampoo

Your Hair: I would strongly recommend for you to have a short bob, it can be cut slightly asymmetric with a side parting, and yes you could have a little graduation cut into it at the back. The fringe could be also cut into a soft asymmetric, the shorter side to be where your parting is - that way you can balance your face better when you wear glasses. There are many variations of shorter bobs; a good stylist should be able to recommend which bob is the best for your head shape and hair structure. I researched a website for you showing variations of bobs for women wearing glasses:

My Recommendations: I definitely would never recommend long hair to you; long hair is heavier than short hair and therefore has the habit of falling flat onto the scalp which helps the oils running out from your over-active sebaceous glands onto your scalp and then your hair. It is quite often the case that people with greasy hair also have greasy skin. Two sebaceous glands are attached to each hair follicle and serve to keep your hair healthy. Some people’s sebaceous glands produce more oil than others.

There is more you can do to prevent eczema form flaring up. Remember we are what we eat - I also suffer with eczema and choose what I eat very carefully. I learned from trial and error and eventually

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