Due to some bad reactions, are there any gentler bleaching products I can try?

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I have very short very dark hair, and about a year ago I started having it bleached (virtually milky white) which I love!

However, the last couple of times my head has swollen post bleach (for several days) and it has really been an uncomfortable process. I am very keen to continue bleaching so could you please advise if there are any gentle products that I can try?

Many thanks.

Anon, UK

Bleaching hair is a very harsh process, especially on the scalp. Using a dedicated on scalp lightener is essential for maintaining the health of the scalp. If you have started to be sensitive to the product then you should be careful as it may lead to an allergy against it and possible future colours.

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London 


There is a special bleach you can use on your hair called Blondor by Wella. This is a great product for sensitive scalps. I would advise you try the Blondor bleach by Wella and see how your head is after the process. You can also buy calming oils which your stylist can add to the bleach.

Joseph Koniak, Artistic Director at Eleven Hair and Joseph Koniak, London

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