Every time I get my hair bleached my roots go a yellow colour, why is this?

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I've been platinum blonde for a couple of years now and have been to tons of hairdressers, now I've found a salon I actually like except for one thing. Every time they bleach my roots, I go in for bleach and tone when I need my roots done, my roots turn yellow. When I go home, and over a series of a few weeks to a couple months, I spend hours at a time going through all my hair and putting toner on the roots.

I've used many kinds of toners and I like the ones I'm currently using, voila kolour kult and bc bonacure, but it takes a long time for my roots to look better and then when they do they're still a tiny bit more yellow than my hair. The process is so frustrating and sometimes I feel like crying because I spend so much money to get it done and it's never how I want it.

I've told the hairdressers that this happens and that I want them to make sure my roots don’t go yellow but it is the same thing each time! Please help me, I'm desperate.

What are they doing wrong and how can I get my roots white the first time I get it done? Also when I tone my own roots I have a hard time making sure the toner doesn't get on my hair that's already white. I'm left with a lot of banding and there’s sometimes a purple stripe.

I would appreciate your help so much, please be the one to save me from all this stress and unhappiness
Thanks so much for your time,

Anon, UK

Platinum blonde is where the phrase "high maintenance" came from. As you haven't given an indication to what your natural shade is I will take an informed guess and presume that you are quite dark as this is the most common explanation as to why it is going yellow.

When I have a client who is dark and wants to be platinum it is essential that they return every four to five weeks for their retouch application. The longer you leave it the more likely you are to get banding (especially yellow and white bands).

Also the products that they use to get you light are very important, it should be of good quality and also of suitable strength (but not too strong as to cause damage to your hair or scalp). Time is also hugely important, never should the stylist rush the lightening process as this is critical at removing the stubborn yellow pigments from hair.

I can recommend that instead of you toning your hair at home you revisit the salon to have it toned as they will be able to have more control on where it is applied and also can avoid over lapping it with the already white hair.

I hope these suggestions help you getting the colour you want.

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London 

Without seeing your natural hair colour it is very difficult to advise you properly. There are a number of reasons as to why you are getting a yellow result on your roots post your colour service. For instance, if your natural hair colour is very dark, it may be difficult to achieve a white blonde hue with one application which would explain why the ends which have been coloured on a number of occasions are able to achieve a lighter blonde. It could also be that the pre-lightener that you have applied hasn’t been left on for long enough.

It sounds like your already doing a good job with your toner however, if you’re using a high strength toner with a violet hue and it’s not applied accurately enough, which is very hard if you’re doing yourself, will deposit violet in areas.

My advice would be to have an in depth consultation with a professional colourist. At HOB Salons we offer complimentary consultations and talk through your concerns about your hair as well as what you like about it. We then map out a realistic colour journey WITH you, bearing in mind if your natural colouring is dark a white blonde may not be achievable in one service,  to ensure you leave the salon looking and feeling beautiful every time.

 A just blonde service at HOB salons start from £80

Faye Turner, Creative Colour Director at HOB Salons 

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