How can I achieve a fiery red colour to my hair?

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Hi Hair Doctors,

My hair colour is currently a merello cherry which is dark and I really want to change the colour to a fiery red. What should I do to achieve this colour?


Ann Marie, Ireland

If you are wanting to go lighter than your current shade then what I would do is have a consultation with a colourist to see what would be best for your hair, eye and skin tone.

What would need to be done first is, the current colour will need to be removed or I hate to say this word but 'stripped' from the hair. It would need to be lifted out until your hair is at an orange stage, (scary I know), then over the top the fiery red would be applied and developed.

This should be topped up with a vegetable colour to keep its brilliance and maintain the shiny beauty of it. Keep it gorgeous by having weekly conditioning treatments and it should look great!

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London

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