How can I get my hair back to its natural colour after having it bleached?

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I got my hair done three months ago; I had a scene haircut and green highlights. The hairdresser bleached my hair first and then put the colour in after. Now that the colour has faded, will the bleached part fade to? If not, what can I do to bring it back as fast as possible to my natural colour which is black?

Thank you,

Casandra, Canada

Hi Casandra,

Your question should be simple to answer, depending on the condition and length of your hair.  An ebony black colour should look great on you.

I would recommend you ask your stylist, who applied the green colour, if your hair condition is good enough to take a beautiful black. A professional stylist or colour expert will give you on-site advice. In most circumstances, and with hair in good condition, a black colour should cover bleached hair quite easily.

As an alternative you could go to another salon, one that has an expert colourist to give you a second opinion. However, it is essential that you only let a professional hairdresser do your colour. Do not try it at home; it could end up in tears and unnecessary stress.

I do hope my answer will help you Casandra,

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester


Unfortunately the bleach in your hair won't fade and will remain in your hair until it grows out or is cut out. To achieve your desired natural colour as fast as possible I'd suggest a visit to your salon to have it coloured. Don't attempt this yourself as your hair needs a pre-pigment colour applied first before the target shade is achieved, for it to be the correct colour and for it to hold.
Good luck!

Ashley White, Stylist and Colourist at Simon Webster Hair, Brighton


When you have had your hair bleached it won't fade back to your natural colour. Bleached hair has had all its natural pigment removed from it and so that pigment needs to be replaced.

If the hair is white then you should first use a dark warm colour in semi-permanent shade to cover over the white areas. This is to minimise fading after you have washed it and also to make the black colour hold better. We call this pre-pigmenting hair.

Then after that you can apply a semi-permanent in your natural colour to finally get rid of the bleached areas.

John Clark, Brooks+Brooks, London 

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