How can I get my hair from bright red to dark brown?

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I have had my hair bleached, then had a bright red put on top (L’Oréal Magenta Red). I now want it back to dark brown. Can I just put a normal dark brown on top, and will this improve the condition or would it be best to cut it short and start again so to speak?


Zoe, Birmingham

If the hair is already bright red a brown colour should cover but may go patchy? Best to go to a salon and have it done, other option is to cut it.

Lucy Holbrook, Colour Director at Daniel Galvin, London

If you want your hair to be back to a natural dark brown then what you must do is try and remove the magenta tone first before applying the brown. If you don't and you just apply the colour over the top of your current shade then your final colour will look like a dark reddish plum type brown. Now since your hair has had a couple of heavy processes then I suggest you visit your salon to have this done and not try and do it yourself as it could lead to damage. Colouring it won't make the condition any better but if you don't want the hassle of that and want a fun change, go for the chop and enjoy having short hair. It is so fashionable right now and there are so many cute pixie styles to choose from.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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