How can I get my hair to an Ombre effect?

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I am letting my blonde roots grow out because I want to have a natural looking blonde but I don't want to go to school like this.

My hair is mixed with black and dark brown I don't know what to do? I want to get my hair to a blonde Ombre style for example like Lauren Conrad, what should I do?

Anon, Tucson

Your colourist will be able to give you a more in depth consultation, however doing too much to your hair might hinder the grown out, ‘Ombre’ look you are wanting. You could discuss two options with him/her. One option could be to put a few, very natural highlights through your parting to disguise your roots, or the second option is applying a semi-permanent colour through your roots for more of a ‘done’ look. Partial highlights at HOB salons are from £47.50

Faye Turner, HOB Salons’ Creative Colour Director  

I am a little unsure as to whether your natural hair is blonde and you have coloured it black/brown or whether your hair is black/brown with blonde growing out.

Either way, I wouldn't attempt the Ombre look on your own as this is something that only an experienced colourist can achieve. Look around at people’s hair you like and politely ask them where they have had their colour done, they just might tell you the name of their hairdresser to go to.

If you take pictures with you of what you want they will be able to give you all the information that you need as to whether it is achievable or not.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London

I would find a reputable salon  and have your roots tinted and mid-lengths toned, adding lighter extensions underneath the occitapal bone to give a soft graduated Ombre. This way the hair will look natural and the condition will be great.

However, you do not need to have your hair tinted and could have extensions to create this look without having to spend much money and allow your own hair to grow out naturally.

Michelle Griffin of Michelle Griffin 

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