How can I get rid of this awful green tint?

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I need help big time! My hair used to be halfway down my back and dark in colour. I wanted a change so I had copper colours put throughout. A while after I was advised that blonde streaks would look nice, I went ahead but they turned out green!

I went back to the salon and they applied a toner, which is now wearing off and the green tint is coming back. The cut itself looks like it has been chopped at and my hair has gone dry and frizzy. I hate it so much and I don’t know what to do.

Sheila, Dumfries

Hi Sheila, 

With regards to your colour, you would be best to have the highlights toned with a colour that has red tones in it to banish the unwanted green - this may mean returning to the copper colour. With your hair being dry and frizzy, add as much moisture to your hair as possible - your hair sounds thirsty as a result of lightening your hair.

Try a moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Use Argan oil to dry into your hair and a conditioning treatment once a week, and then less when your hair starts to feel better. Avoid using heated styling equipment such as straighteners, as these can dry your hair out.

Hope this helps! 

Dawn Anderson, Salon Coordinator at browns, Lockerbie

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