How can I keep my hair straight and stop it from kinking?

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I’m hoping you can give me some advice! My hair is long, past my shoulders, and is fine to medium in texture. It has a natural kink to it, not a nice one, so I straighten it every morning.

Once straight my hair looks lovely and smooth and sleek but within half an hour it has kinked again! My hair will not stay straight! If it is humid or raining outside it goes completely crazy and kinks all over the place! I’m getting so frustrated!

Please help, how can I keep my hair straight and stop it kinking? (I also use Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer on my hair every week to help with the condition as I use heat on it every day)

Thank you,

Angela, Somerset

Dear Angela,

Your problem is a common one! There are three options you could look at to try and tame your kinky hair. Firstly, you may have heard about the recent development of 'Keratin Smoothing Treatments' or 'Brazilian Blowdries'. These are non-chemical treatments that are designed to smooth the hair, eliminating frizz, and making styling easier. It lasts for about 3 months, and can greatly improve the condition of the hair as well. There has been some negative reaction to these treatments as some initial formulas contained high amounts of formaldehyde, so make sure you do your research, visit a reputable salon and question them on whether they use a formaldehyde-free product.

Secondly, if your hair is really stubborn, a stronger and more permanent option would be to have it chemically straightened. There are various types of straightener on the market, some milder, some stronger, and with varying degrees of duration. Some are designed to make the hair poker-straight, or some just to relax and smooth the hair. Bear in mind though that these are chemical treatments and therefore will harm the condition of your hair, to some extent - just the same as if you permed your hair, or coloured it. Again, visit a reputable salon that ideally carries a number of different types of straightening product, and they should advise you according to the exact result and level of straightness you want to achieve.

Last but not least - products! - if the two options above don't appeal, you are going to have to rely on selecting and using the right products to try and extend the life of your hairstyle. Make sure you use a straightening blow-dry product, such as a smoothing blow-dry cream, on wet hair before drying. The new oils on the market, such as Shu Uemura Essence Absolue, do wonders for frizzy hair so it's definitely worth investing in one of those. Layering products together, providing they are not too heavy, can help, and before straightening with irons use a heat -protecting spray that helps to produce super smooth results and has added humidity protection too. Finally, finish with an anti-humidity super-strong hairspray! 

Good luck!
Nick Malenko of Royston Blythe, Wolverhampton


The problem here is that it's been straightened to much, and unfortunately that can break the hair and cause the kinks to fuzz up making the hair look fluffy. Irons, remember, if used everyday will without question cause damage and dry your hair out, regardless of what protection you use on it.

I have hundreds of clients who are in the same situation here and they are stuck, if they don't straighten it they don't get the feel of smooth hair. Ironed hair is not a natural feeling, its man-made, forced with heat up to 230 degrees. Your hair is soft and finer in texture which will mean it just can't take this amount of heat.

Solution is to stop straightening it as much and ease your way into it, ultimately though you must try and embrace your texture and how it is, at least for most of your week, and maybe smooth your hair out for special occasions, not religiously daily.

Hope this helps!
Nelson Brown of Browns, Dumfries

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