How can I lighten my pre-existing highlights?

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I have blonde highlights with a chocolate tint in-between. I would like to lighten my highlights but without adding more! Can I put a blonde hair colour over the top of my hair so that it just lightens my existing ones??

I have purchased Garnier Ultra colour 10.1 Ice blonde, Oh I had this done about a month ago.

Diane, Heathrow

This is very risky, you risk your hair going too gold, because the colour all over will affect the brown colour slightly. My advice is to go to a salon have the hairdresser redo the H/L with mild bleach and apply a toner all over.

Generally speaking, DIY colouring is not the greatest idea if you really want beautiful hair - go and see a professional!

Anne Veck of Anne Veck Salons, Oxfordshire

I would never recommend colouring your hair with a shade such as this (Garnier 10.1) if you have already had a previous colour treatment.

This shade will only lighten natural hair, so what is likely to happen is it will lift your natural re growth (as you coloured your hair around a month ago) then it is likely to make your chocolate brown tint a rather brassy tone. The Highlights that are already in the hair will probably lighten yes, but may be damaged and also could turn a grayish silver blonde due to the ash tone present in the dye.

If I were you, I would talk to your colourist and see if they can lighten some of your highlights gently and ask them to try and pick out the blonde pieces already there rather than adding more.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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