How can I sort my colour which is one shade on the roots and another on the ends?

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My natural hair colour is light brown. This summer I dyed it a coppery reddish colour at home using L’Oréal colour. After a few months I decided that I didn't like it, so I went to a salon to get my hair dyed brown again.

The colourist dyed my hair a very harsh shade of dark brown that does not complement my skin at all, and she used a permanent colour on the roots and a semi-permanent on the ends, so now all of my hair is fading except for the roots which have stayed a dark brown, almost black colour.

I really want to get back to at least a medium brown shade, what are my best options and what sort of damage can I expect, considering my hair is actually in very good shape (not dry or splitting at all).

Anon, Canada

If your hair is in good condition then that is fantastic! What will need to be done to return the colour to a medium brown shade is the area that is too dark needs to be lifted and lightened in order for your chosen shade to be applied. This is required so that the colour becomes as even as possible.

Then I would let the hair fade and lighten naturally so that over time it will blend with your natural regrowth and you can become your natural type tone once again.

The damage should be minimal and if you go to a professional (which I hope you are) they will be able to prescribe the right home care for you to keep it in great shape.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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