How can I treat my over-bleached hair?

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I have over bleached my hair and every time I wash it and it dries, it feels sticky and I cannot comb it! I leave it to air dry so as not to apply heat and I have tried clarifying shampoos etc. but it still dries sticky.

Please help, as I am very unhappy with my hair.

Thank you,

Anon, UK 


Sorry to hear you’re having problems with your hair. Firstly please stop using clarifying shampoos; these will in fact make your hair feel worse, especially on over bleached/processed hair (which does have a tendency to feel sticky and usually a consistency of candy floss).

I would suggest getting a good haircut, then you need to be using a keratin infused or protein based shampoo and conditioner to help strengthen your hair. Alongside these you should use a weekly deep conditioning treatment. I would recommend something from the Kerastase range, these are very prescriptive so will be perfect for your hair. You could try Bain de Force Architecte Shampoo or Bain Therapist Shampoo, plus Ciment Anti-Usure Conditioner and the Masque Therapiste weekly treatment.

You are doing the right thing by avoiding heat styling tools, but if you do need to use them use a heat styling protection spray/cream first like Ciment Thermique, which will prevent further damage.

A little patience and TLC will ensure healthy shiny locks in the future! P.S; Redken also do a good range called Extreme.

Good luck,

Ivy Ketteringham, John Olivers Team Norwich


I'm afraid it sounds like you have over processed your hair and the cuticle has been stripped away. If you are willing to get your hair cut as short as you are prepared to go, then it's best to remove as much as possible. Also I would recommend an intense salon treatment to be used on your hair, possibly once a week from now to help restore the condition.

Stay away from doing any colour unless you go darker, and then only use a semi-permanent colour, as this is conditioning, but right now you need to focus on rebuilding your hair’s condition. Stay away from pre-lightening your hair for now, and if you can let your hair dry naturally without heat then that's great.

Use a product on your hair to also help with the condition. Leave some conditioner on or even some Argan Oil. In-salon we use Windle and Moodie, their intense treatments and Smooth and Shine Oil are amazing!

I hope your condition improves soon.

Lisa smith, Senior Technician at browns, Dumfries 


It is important that for the next few weeks you don't use any chemicals or heat on your hair. It sounds like the elasticity has gone from your hair, which can be caused from over processing - too much heat.

It sounds like your hair is in much need of some protein! You need to find a salon that does the Joico 4 Step Treatment; I have used this many times to bring over-processed hair back to its healthy way. But, it is so important not to over abuse your hair, as like everything there is only so much it will take before snapping off.

Lee Lyons, Salon Owner and Stylist at Lee Lyons Hair Boutique, Dromore

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