How do I counteract the green colour creeping into my hair each time I dye it?

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I dye my hair regularly to cover the greys (I’m naturally brown), but how do I counteract the green colour creeping into my hair, and why is this happening?

Thank you,

Suzanne, Essex

If your hair keeps going matte and green then you probably need to change the formula you are using. If your hair is 75-100% white then it might have trouble holding on to warmth. I recommend using gold, copper or red based browns to counteract this green hue you are experiencing.

L’Oreal Professionnel Inoa Supreme would be suitable as it is formulated to cover white hair whilst keeping your colour rich by reflecting light, so it doesn't appear flat and dull.

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London 

Hi Suzanne,

It sounds to me like you are using an ash colour to cover your greys, and if there are gold tones in your hair, then the ash (blue) combined with gold (yellow) makes a combination of green.

Try opting for a natural/gold or slightly warmer shade for the future. Personally I would not recommend colouring at home, but if it’s to do with budget, maybe an option would be to attend a reputable salon’s training session. Generally once the hair has a green tint to it, I would recommend having the colour cleansed out to remove the green then start again with your target colour.

Hope you get the result you desire,

Simon Daniel, Salon Director of Belle Toujours, Cardiff

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