How do I grow out my blunt fringe into the style of Alexa Chungs?

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If it is possible can I ask both the Simon Webster team and Simon Daniel specifically for advice?

My question is this, I currently have a blunt fringe cut straight across and my face shape is oval with high cheekbones (my hair is long). I now want to grow my fringe out slightly so it’s more grown-up and I now want it like Alexa Chungs.

Now I know I have to grow my fringe out, it is currently just above my eyes – I can feel it on my lashes – but do I grow it all fully out and then go get it shaped or can I trim the middle bit myself whilst the sides grow longer?

I hope you can help as growing a fringe to a different style can be a nightmare and I don’t want to look dowdy!

Thank you so much,

Lisa, Gloucester

Hi Lisa,

I think this look is perfect for the face you have described. Do not cut it yourself as it’s not always as simple as it looks, I have seen some disasters! I would advise going into a reputable salon and show them the picture of Alexa, but the longer you allow it to grow the better as there is a fair bit of length to this look,

If I was you I would start blow-drying the fringe with a large round brush, or pop a Velcro roller in to give volume to lift away from the eyes and then brush the fringe from the centre to either side to create a parted look.

Hope this helps,

Simon Daniel, Salon Director of Belle Toujours, Cardiff

Hi Lisa,

The answer is to put soft layers through the fringe to break up the bulk, which will then create a versatile fringe that you can wear differently as you’re growing it, from an Alexa Chung to a side-swept fringe.

Good salons will usually do complimentary fringe trims for their clients, so if you have a stylist, ask them to do it for you - home-cut fringes are notoriously tricky!

Zara Garnett, SWH Team Senior Colourist & Stylist at Simon Webster Hair, Brighton 

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