How do I match dark roots to fiery copper ends?

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Hi guys,

A client recently came to me to go from brown to a fiery copper look. We achieved the look by cleansing her hair and applying a fiery copper colour which looked fab! She now has roots which are her natural brown colour, a base 6. What is the best way to match her roots to her fiery copper ends?

Should I just apply the copper colour we used on her before? Will her roots lift up to that colour with the use of pre-lightener?

I know it's cheeky to ask for advice but we could really do with it,

Thank you!!

Anon, Ireland

Hi Anon!

Your previous colour choice really will dictate where you go from here to match the roots with the lengths and ends. As a L'Oreal salon if I had done the original fiery-copper, I'd have used a 6.64 permanent tint after the cleanse. Then this time, to match up, I'd again use the same 6.64 and 20vols for the roots but without the cleanse, as this would be better for the condition in the long run.

I'd then colour-match the ends with a semi-permanent to lock-in colour and shine. It's difficult to advise precisely however, without knowing exactly which colour it was you used the first time. I've therefore advised based on what we as a L'Oreal salon would have chosen. Hope it helps!

Zara Garnett, Senior Stylist and Colourist, Simon Webster Hair, Brighton

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