How long will the process take to get my chocolate brown hair blonde?

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Quick Question,

I have chocolate brown hair, how long will it take to go to a light blonde colour in a salon?

Thank you,

Megan, Scotland

It will be a gradual highlighting process and could take up to six months!

Lucy Holbrook, Colour Director at Daniel Galvin, London 

If your hair is naturally chocolate brown then lucky you! I would stay brunette and enjoy it, but if you are set on the lighter side the answer is how long is a piece of string? If your hair is coloured then you have to factor that in, because the colourist will have to remove that first before creating a beautiful blonde. If you are wanting highlights and just a subtle colour change then that won't not take as long as if you want to go super California blonde all over. If your hair is long and thick this will also increase the time in which it will take. Generally I would say it may take either one super long three or four hour appointment. Or a couple of appointments of two or more hours to get you from light to dark.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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