How soon can I have more highlights applied?

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I recently had full foil highlights put on my dark brown hair, they came out a caramel colour but I really wanted to be more blonde. Should I have them done again and how soon?

Also I have some greys, especially around my hairline! What would be to best way to touch them up at home after I get my hair the colour I want.

Thank you,

Anon, USA

If you want to go blonder then more highlights will create this effect. But make sure you are aware that the condition of your hair will change and that you should use protein and moisture treatments to keep your hair in a healthy state.

If you are blonder then you might not need to touch-up your hairline at home and that the blonde hair may camouflage them. If you are desperate to colour it then a formula devised by your stylist is the best option. 

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London

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