I am trying to achieve a grey colour but it always turns out uneven

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So it seems whatever I do my colour is always uneven. When I bleach my roots I like to tone them too. I've used all the different brands of crazy colour to try and achieve a grey colour. It always seems to really grab on the roots, but I end up with purple/blue roots and grey ends.

What can I do and why is it going wrong?

Thank you,

Anon, UK

Hello anon,

Grey hair is very much the zeitgeist, with the likes of Cara Delevingne going for a #GrannyHair look. Grey is a notoriously difficult tone to get even and is best left to the professionals.

The reason your hair is uneven may be down to inconsistent pre-lightening and variations in the porosity of your hair.

Get your favourite Good Salon Guide stylist to even out your base tone and apply the grey colour carefully, so that it doesn’t “grab” and create the inconsistencies that you have suffered from previously.

Your hair will be considerably sensitised after this treatment and I would recommend using Kérastase Bain de Force Shampoo and Kérastase Ciment Anti-Usure conditioner.

Hope you love your look.

Best wishes,

Steph Elden, John Olivers Team, Norwich


Bleaching your own hair at home is very risky! If you overlap at all you are putting a lot of stress on already bleached hair! I would say the reason for the hair grabbing the colour on the roots and not the ends would be down to the porosity of the hair. If the porosity is not even, then your colour will be patchy.

The best thing would be to have it done in a salon/or a college, as this would ensure a good, even result.

Lee Lyons, Salon Owner and Stylist at Lee Lyons Hair Boutique, Dromore


Firstly you are never going to achieve the colour you want using home colours compared to salon ones. The hair at your roots is fresh, new hair, so it will take the colour better and the tone will be more true than the ends, as its more old and porous - where it may go patchy on the ends and a paler tone. With the fashion shades like grey, which is very popular at the moment, they do need a lot of maintenance, as they will never last due to being applied on pre-lightened hair.

I have clients that use a purple based shampoo for maintenance of keeping the blonde cool, but to achieve a grey you really need to visit a salon, as it’s a little more intricate than popping a toner on I'm afraid.


Lisa smith, Senior Technician at browns, Dumfries

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