I attempted a home bleach which has turned my hair bright yellow!!

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I bleached my hair at home and it has gone bright yellow at the top of my head and yellow/orange on the lengths. I went to Sally's and they gave me Goldwell Cool Blondes Pastel Violet Blonde, but it has turned the top of my head grey - which is not a good look for me!!

I am still aiming for a blonde colour, but how do I make it even, and can I put a hair dye over my hair? Going to a hairdressers is out of the question.


Jamie, UK

I would GO TO A PROFESSIONAL SALON! Home dye is so difficult to get right. If you are intent on doing the colour change at home, then go to a salon and ask them which brands they recommend and how to use it properly.

I would NOT recommend doing this at home. Not only will you spend more money if you have to keep doing it, but it is a very tricky thing to get right.

1. Bleach the rest your hair to the same very light colour, then choose your blonde and pop on once you have this EVEN colour. There is a possibility you can damage your hair.

2. Or choose a darker blonde that is darker than both shades of your hair as it is.  

3. Instead of an overall colour, place in some highlights to mask the change in shades.

Michael Wilkonski, Position Stylist at Joseph Koniak, London

Bleaching hair at home is a huge no no! It's so difficult to achieve an even result and not having all the necessary knowledge, tools and products to get it platinum makes it even harder. 

The only way to lighten hair that is already bleached is more bleach and then apply a toner to create an even shade. But this is not as elementary as it sounds. It may involve four or five stages and going over areas. 

I strongly suggest paying a visit to a professional!

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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