I did a skin test and my skin went red, I tried it again and it was fine, is this safe?

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I brought a Garnier Nutrisse Cream hair dye which I have brought a few times before and have had no previous problems with. I have chosen a colour which is similar to the other colours I have previously used.

I did a skin test today behind one ear and it went red so I washed it off. This then faded and I tried it behind the other ear and my inner arm. I had no other reactions after this so I tried behind the ear that went red and it hasn't gone red again. Should I use the hair dye?

Also, I put the skin test on earlier and I want to dye my hair this evening. It says wait 48 hours, could I dye it earlier?

Thank you,

Laura, UK

Hi Laura,

It's always best to wait 48 hours before colouring your hair to be sure that you don't have any reaction to the product. Any responsible salon will require a patch test when using chemical treatments as not just the hair but also the scalp can suddenly develop sensitivity, even if you've used colour for years.

Alice Gazagnes, Stylist & Colourist at Simon Webster Hair, Brighton

Hair colour as you know can cause allergic reactions and we can become sensitive to the ingredients in them at any time. It is very wise that you did your skin test. If you are confident that the colour has not caused you to have a reaction but you are still concerned, there is an advice line number you can call on the box to speak to someone who will be able to help you.

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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