I dip-dyed my hair and it's gone completely wrong! Please help!!

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I recently did a dip-dye and coloured the top of my hair dark brown and bleached the bottom half of my hair blonde. I then put a semi blonde colour on it then dyed it red, and now it’s turning orange and its only been a week!

I really hate the colour as I wanted it maroon red and now I want to die it permanently black with live XXL. Would that be ok?

How can I prevent it from getting damaged?


Anon, UK

You sound like a colour chameleon! Which is fun but remember the more you colour your hair the more dry and damaged it will become so you have to remember a couple of important things. Have regular trims to keep the ends in check. Then use the best colour care shampoos, conditioners and treatments that you can get your hands on. They don't have to cost the earth but just use the products that you find work the best.

Now as to your colour, it is a shame that you cannot get the maroon red that you wanted, reds are notorious for fading from the hair very quickly because of the shape and size of the pigments.

If you want to go to the black shade then the Live XXL will take it as inky black as anything but can I make a suggestion? As you enjoy trying different hair colours, how about you use a semi permanent black shade instead as this will gradually fade from the hair and is a little easier to remove from the hair should you want to change in the future. The Live XXL is permanent I believe so if they do a semipermanent version this would be better.

Happy colouring!

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks

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