I dyed my hair red but I now want it blonde. How do I do this?

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Hey my clever people,

I've got a dilemma and I'd love some advice.

Naturally I have dark golden blonde hair and have been highlighting it for a couple of years. About two years ago I died it red with Schwarzkopf and after about six weeks I went over with Schwarzkopf Iced Blonde. So that lightened my hair - bleaching it I guess - it was a yellowish colour but my hairdresser dyed it back my natural colour.

Anyway, in January a different hairdresser egged me into getting bright red hair when I'd only come in for more highlights. So I've been topping it up with L’Oreal Feria Mango Intense and about three weeks ago I put Paprika Power on it (only for half the time because I was afraid it would go too orange).

What I'd like is to get my hair back to its natural colour, it's above my shoulders and I treat it regularly with masks. I think it's in good condition, but I'm not a hair specialist.

What do I do to get it back to blonde? If I buy a toner/colour with greenish tinges onto my hair, what colour would it turn out??

Thanks my bunnies,

Junie, Winchester

Hi Junie,

Wow you have gone for a lot of change’s this year! Colour changes are a complicated business and should always be done by a professional, especially as you already have lots going on. The healthiest way would be to give it time and allow the colour to fade naturally for a little while. You said you have highlights underneath and red loves to fade, so using a deep cleansing shampoo is a great way to gently remove colour. It’s great that you regularly use treatments and that will help with the long term condition. The best advice I could give you would be to have an in depth consultation with your colourist, they would be able to assess your hair and recommend the right direction for you.  Change of colour appointments at HOB Salons start from £58.

Faye Turner, Creative Colour Director HOB Salons  

Dear Junie,

It’s difficult to get back to blonde from red. A Suggestion might be that you bleach your hair to strip the red and depending on the result you can then apply the blonde to achieve the colour as close as possible to your natural hair colour.

In order to achieve a lighter colour the only way is to strip the dark colour with bleach, as there is no colour that can make coloured hair lighter.

Hope this helps!

Regards, Joseph Koniak, Artistic Director of Joseph Koniak and Eleven Hair, London 

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