I had my hair bleached professionally and it has completely ruined my hair!

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A trained hairdresser bleached my hair, which was in good condition and nice and long. This turned out an awful orange colour! She then added a toner which turned the roots of my hair bright yellow, the hair near my head turned purple, and then it went snow white through my lengths to my tips which were orange!

When the toner faded my whole head turned a yellow/orange colour. A week after, I went to my local hairdressers where they did an amazing colour correction job and dyed my hair a light brown while using some of the bleached hair as highlights to make the brown look less harsh.

My hair was in an awful condition after this, and really dry as a result of the bleach. About four months later the brown had completely faded and my hair was left a bright yellowy orange colour which I thought I would try and grow out, however my roots were awful. I had my hair cut (lots cut off my length and layers) and also had highlights on my roots, this helped improve the condition of my hair. However it is still extremely dry!

It has been three months since I had highlights on my roots and now I am left with really dark roots and bright yellow hair which looks terrible! I know it will take too long to grow this mess out and I won’t be able to cope with it.

I wondered if I went to the hairdressers and had a dark brown all over colour all over, then had white blonde highlights put in over a long period of time, would be OK? Or would the brown fade to a ginger like before? What is your advice on what I should do? 

Thank you so much for your time, and I’m sorry for such a long question but my colouring has been a nightmare!

Anon, UK

If I was you I would make a choice of whether you want to be blonde or brunette. Long hair only looks great when it is in good condition and so therefore I would ease up on changing it so much. As you may have already found out being blonde is sometimes harsher on the hair and leads to dryness and breakage, so if you want to keep it very long this is probably going to need lots of effort to maintain the condition.

Brunette shades do always fade (especially on already bleached hair), so when it does you will have to have it refreshed to keep the depth and shine. Using a long lasting semi-permanent shade will be more beneficial to the hair as it is gentler and more moisturising.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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