I have a build-up of colour, is it best to get this stripped and start again?

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I have build-up of colour, golden blonde now turned yellow. I was wondering about stripping the colour and starting again.

I am 53 years of age, my roots are grey so it doesn't take long before they show. I was thinking of going more ash/not gold or warm blonde. What do you advise?

Thank you,

Heather, Blantyre

If I was in your position I think I would do the same. Visit a colourist and have a thorough consultation with them, they will be able to tell you as to whether it is a good idea by looking at your colouring, lifestyle, jewellery you wear and also how much you are prepared for upkeep.

If it was me doing it, I would remove the yellow colour that has built up over time by cleansing it from the hair with a colour remover and I would try to get it as light as possible. Then I would go in and colour it with an ashen tone of blonde.

I prefer cool colours on grey hair and also it has a much more forgiving regrowth when it does come through.

I have a cool (pun intended) tip for you and that is when you have gotten the colour you love and it is in the ash end of the blonde spectrum, use a silver/violet shampoo once or twice a week to maintain your tone and keep it looking fresh.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

You can wear any colour it just need to be the right colour. At HOB salons we work with natural skin tone and eye colour, using visual guides for reference. We would work with you to find the right colour. Sometimes going lighter/ash can work against skin tone just as adding too much gold might, so it is essential to have a thorough consultation, to work out the best solution for you! HOB salons offer free consultations and a Change of Colour appointment starts from £58.

Faye Turner, HOB Salons’ Creative Colour Director  

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