I have been using the same hair dye for a while but all of a sudden my hair has gone a two-toned colour!

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I’ve been colouring my hair with Garnier Nutrisse: 4.15 Iced Mocha, but because I’ve got a fair amount of grey my hair has gone a two tone colour. The roots are much lighter than the rest which looks so silly.

I’ve tried only colouring the roots but after a week I’m back to square one! I would very much like to go lighter so that I get an even colour but I’m worried it will go wrong. Please could you advise me on the best action to take without going to the salon?

Karen, Swindon

If your colour is getting a little uneven, I think maybe you need to have it cleansed to remove the pigment build up on the ends. This is a pretty tricky thing to do, especially on yourself so I cannot stress enough that it should be done by a professional colourist. But I was thinking that if you like the Iced Mocha colour but need better grey coverage then why not try mixing that shade with a natural one on the same depth level. I have had a look at the shade range and I strongly suggest you try this on a test piece first before you commit to doing it to your whole head. If you buy your regular 4.15 shade and then buy a box of 4 Cocoa Dark Brown, mix them together in equal parts with the developers and apply. This could give a better coverage on the white hair and still have that tone you enjoy so much. When we do root retouches in the salon, what we generally do is apply to the roots and process for thirty minutes then run the rest of the colour through the ends for five minutes to refresh it without making it go too dark.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

It sounds like the colour is going a different colour on the grey. So maybe you should buy a base 5 or 6 and mix the two together, it may cover better. To go lighter you will really need to go to a salon.

Lucy Holbrook, Colour Director at Daniel Galvin, London

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