I have cut my long hair off and now I hate the style. Please help!!

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In a fit of depression a fortnight ago I hacked my long hair off! I firstly told myself that I would grow to like it, would get used to it and that it would grow back! Unfortunately my naturally wavy hair is really getting me very down, what with the gorgeous summer we are experiencing (continuous rain and damp).

My hair is getting even curlier and looks shapeless and old fashioned! I don't want to cut it shorter and I am seriously considering a full head of extensions! I phoned salons that have been recommended on your website but they all seem to be fully booked for at least a fortnight!

I have an important date tonight and can’t go with my hair looking like this! Is there anything you can suggest that could rescue me other than going through every hairdresser in the phonebook (which will probably take a fortnight) or wearing a wig!!

Thank you,

Kath, UK

If you are not able to get in quickly at your local extension salon for a full head of extensions then a hairpiece is perfect such as Halo, it can be waved or curled and fitted in quickly from a stockist salon in your area. Most salons do not stock hair extensions but have to order it in that is why you have to wait, find a specialist like myself who can do walk in appointments.

There are some great hairpieces available on the market to transform your look quickly and inexpensive, these can be bought in wavy or curly, ponytails and clip ins.

Michelle Griffin of Michelle Griffin Academy, Birmingham


Firstly your haircut! You need to get an expert to shape your hair into a style now it's been cut off. This doesn't mean short, but a shape that will suit your hair, face, and lifestyle. 

Secondly your date. I would dry your hair as big as possible and then pin it up randomly using some kirby grips and some product for a dishevelled and natural look.

Hope this helps. Personally I would stay away from extensions, get a cool shape and work from there.

Nelson Brown of Browns in Dumfries 

My initial recommendation would be to get your hair under control! As your locks are naturally wavy, they’re more likely to be prone to frizz (especially with the continuous change in humidity!) so start by looking at your daily cleansing routine.

Matrix Biolage’s new Exquisite Oil range will really help you to tame your mane! The Micro-Oil Shampoo combines the latest technology to not only hydrate and smooth your hair, but it will also ensure there is no build up or residue of bi-products that can cause problems in the long-term. What’s more, it contains natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about applying any synthetic nasties to your hair!

To style up your tresses, I would suggest using the Total Results Sleek Blow Down Leave-in Cream cock tailed with the Exquisite Replenishing Treatment Oil serum which will encourage a sleeker natural wave, while giving your hair longer lasting control and shine as well as fighting the dreaded frizz!

Paul Falltrick at Paul Falltrick Hairdressing, Essex

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