I have done so much to my hair I don't know what to do next!

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I have done so much to my hair, but right now I have platnim blonde on top with pink roots and an ombre colour at the bottom with copper red tips.

I want to now make my whole top part of my hair a light copper colour, how can I do that? Do I just add the colour to it, or do I have to bleach the roots first then add the color?

Thank you,

Anon, USA


You certainly have used many colours, the combination of the colours you have now sounds to say the least, Colourful. I suggest lightening the roots first and any part which is darker than the colour you want, which you say is ‘Copper colour’. Maybe you should visit a good hairdressing salon which specialises in hair colours and ask them their advice. Over colouring can damage your hair especially when you use different colour makes, and over lapping with bleach on the roots can weaken your hair structure and can take a long time to repair and get back to healthy hair.

Take care of your Hair! Use a good deep penetrating hair conditioning treatment once a week.


Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester

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