I have let my previously dyed red hair fade, can I now put blonde highlights over this?

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I want to dye my hair blonde so badly but my hair used to be red. I’ve let the dye fade out a lot and now it’s kind of an orange/copper. If I get blonde highlights over this will it make me blonde??

Any suggestions will help; I really want to go blonde :(

Anon, Ireland

Don’t worry; by leaving your hair you’ve done the best thing. Book a consultation with a colourist who can look at your hair length and condition before deciding the best way forward.

Personally, I recommend having some highlights put through with a few different arrangements and tones that suit you. The colourist can then control and tame any tones you don’t want with the correct use of a toner. I’d also recommend an all-over colour between the highlights to give it a more natural feel and phase out any of those remaining red tones.

Max Backshell, stylist and colourist, Simon Webster Hair, Brighton

If you opt for lots of fine highlights you’ll go lighter, but it won’t go straight to blonde in one step. A few applications of full head highlights over time will give you the result you want , but you’ll need to be sure to care for your hair with weekly deep-conditioning treatments to replenish the moisture that gets stripped out.

An ashy toner over the highlights will also remove any yellow or orange tones that come from the old red colour clinging to the hair.

Alice Gazagnes, stylist and colourist, Simon Webster Hair, Brighton

If the hair has faded to a yellow/orange type colour then it could be possible to go blonde. However this would have to be done by a colourist who understands colour correction work and can work with undercoats and how to neutralize unwanted tones correctly. Go speak to someone armed with as much information as possible (pictures of what you like etc) and tell them your hair history. Hope you have fun being a blonde!

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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