I have lost my faith in salons and am tempted to fix my hair myself!

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I am a natural blonde but dyed my hair dark brown. After a year of being brown I had enough and wanted to be blonde again. I took the salons advice and had highlights which faded very quickly and cost me a fortune, so I went to another salon a few weeks later.

I left the salon with white roots and ginger fronts. I have been using toner which has banished the ginger. My hair is now very, very damaged and my faith in salons has now gone. I am desperate to put a full head of blonde on myself!

Have you any advice as my hair has broken a lot and I feel I trust myself more to put a colour on as I've never had problems before and cannot afford a salon again.

Please help,

Jemma, Staffordshire

It is a shame that you have lost your faith in professional hairstylists. Unless you have been trained in all aspects of hair colouring, from simple application methods to complex colour correction, I wouldn't advise applying another colour to your hair. 

Blonding hair, especially hair that has had as much chemical treatment as yours has, isn't as simple as just plonking a box colour on from Boots. To do so might even end in you having to have it cut off. 

I would consider your actions very carefully and wish you well with whatever you decide to do.

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London

I am sorry to hear about that. When colour goes wrong this is called a colour correction which is expensive. I understand you have lost faith in salons but to do this yourself is not a good idea.

It might help you to go to a L’Oreal or Wella Academy as a model, these are both experts in colour and will charge you a small fee which won't be as expensive as a salon.

As far as the condition of your hair, you could use Elasticizer as a treatment and a moisture balance shampoo and conditioner by Philip Kingsley - this you can do yourself.

Joseph Koniak, Artistic Director of Eleven Hair and Joseph Koniak, London

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