I have naturally black hair and am trying to dye it purple yet it is having no effect!

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I have naturally black hair and am mixed race, so my hair is very strong and stubborn. I dyed it at the beginning of November using the Garnier Olia purple colour. It had no effect at all on my hair whatsoever!

I would love to have purple hair, not bright purple but bright enough so that people can tell it’s there. I've decided to wait about 3/4 weeks before attempting to dye my hair again. I have used bleach before but it badly damaged my hair and I had to get some of it cut off.

I have never used hair strippers but I know I will have to either strip or bleach my hair to get the colour I want. My only worry is that when I bleach it and then put on the purple dye that contains peroxide my hair will feel the effects of two bleaching sessions and cause a lot of damage, am I right in thinking this?

Please help me! Could you give me your opinions on this and what is the best route for me to take?


Anon, UK

If your hair was coloured before you applied the OLIA colour then that is why it hasn't shown up the purple reflect. This colour needs to be used on natural or lighter than black hair for it to show the tone.

In my experience mixed race hair can get dry and damaged very quickly when it undergoes chemical or heat treatment. If you are set on having it coloured this shade then have a talk to a colourist. They will be able to make an informed decision on whether it is worth the damage to your hair.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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