I need to get my badly dyed hair back to its natural colour or give it an Ombre effect!

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My natural hair colour is a level 6 nuetral dark blonde.I had bleached hair but it kept turning red, so in an attempt to "just go with it" I colored it dark red.

The colour faded like crazy so I stripped it out, it is now a pale strawberry blonde. I want more than anything to be closer to my natural colour and really love the idea of the Ombré look. How can I achieve this?

Anon, Texas

If your hair is in good enough condition then what I would do is try and get your hair back closely to its natural colour of a 6. So that would involve adding the underlying pigment of an orange to your bleached hair and then adding the natural 6 over the top. Probably using a demi permanent deposit only shade as your hair is already pre-lightened and doesn't need a colour that lifts and deposits. Then you just need to apply a very dilute bleach to the ends of the hair where you want the ombre to be.

This would be a visual development as it will lift super-fast. I think that this is a service that should be done by a colour specialist and is definitely not recommended to be done at home. Also a good colour and moisture shampoo and conditioner should be used to stop the hair feeling too dry.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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