I put an ash blonde on my bleached hair and it's now turned Grey!

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I put an ash blonde over my bleached hair on the advice of Clairol. It turned grey with a bluish tinge!!

What can I do to go back to a regular blonde and correct what I have done?


Anon, Canada

It sounds as if to me that the ash blonde colour that you used may have been a little too intense for your bleached hair. This is why you have a grey blue result.Even though you may only need a slight tonal change in your colour, this is best left to professionals as it is a super delicate process.

What needs to be done is the condition should be assessed to see whether it can withstand more chemical processing. If the condition is ok then the grey tone needs to be cleansed from the hair and a new toner needs to be added to rectify this. If this is attempted at home then it could go murky or greenish and maybe damaged.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London

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