I stripped my hair hoping for a nice soft brown but this hasn't happened!

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I have just stripped my hair, which was a dark brown. This removed the entire dark colour leaving it a red/copper colour. I had some grey at my roots so I placed a base 7 dye on it. I only left the dye five minutes as I just wanted to cover my grey and give me a nice soft brown.

My hair is now almost back to the very dark brown I started with, what is the reason for this?


Lisa, Scotland

When I read your question it sounds as if you did everything correctly but what I think went wrong possibly were the products you used.

If you used the colour remover ColourB4 or something similar, I have found in the past that when you apply a dye after you have stripped the colour it can go super dark or even darker than your starting shade.

What you have to do is use a shade that is around two to three shades lighter than your desired colour. So if you want a level 7 colour then use a level 9 or 8 as the hair absorbs it quicker than normal hair would. I would do a test piece to see what results you get.

If the hair feels in good enough condition then I would use the colour remover again and re try with lighter colours to get the result you are after.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

The stripper may have made the hair porous, making the No.7 dye grab and go black. You really need to go to a salon to sort this out.

Lucy Holbrook, Colour Director at Daniel Galvin, London 

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