I want a colour that will last longer than three weeks without my roots showing through!

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My hair is dyed dark brown with blonde highlights, however I find that my roots always need touching up. My hair is very grey, well whiter really on my roots and hairline so I was wondering what the best way forward is?

I have been advised by one hairdresser to strip my hair and start again but also been advised by another salon that doing that will damage my hair, so I am slightly confused!

All I want is for the colour to last longer than three weeks. Is the best way forward from here to ask for more blonde? Can you please help and advise me on what I should do?

I look forward to your reply.

Kindest regards,

Michelle, West Yorkshire

This is a good question and I have been asked it many times in varying ways. Firstly all hairdressers have different ideas and opinions in what way is best to deal with your colour situation.

It sounds to me that your base colour is possibly too dark for the white regrowth and that is why you are needing a retouch after three weeks. If I was you I would have a chat with your colourist and see if you can lighten it without damaging your hair.

There is also the method of having more highlights placed around your hairline and parting to give the illusion of blonde and fair hair, and having a lighter base colour applied in these areas too. This can give a multi-tonal affect which is quite fun.

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London 

Hi Michelle,

Going white is a daunting time. As we get older our skin tone changes and softer colours around our face are much kinder and give a younger appeal than darker colours, which can make a face look hard.

I certainly recommend a softer shade, so yes highlighting your hair is much better than stripping it. I would recommend different high lift blondes mixed with some darker colours to match what you have now - the result should be a soft mixture of colours.

The benefit is you get a hairline and roots that look less drastic and eventually you’ll be able to have your high/lowlights topped-up every six weeks - so it’s a definite yes to having more blondes added! Blonde does not show the roots so quickly. I would also recommend that over time you add more and more blonde, maybe vary the shades of blonde which will give it a really natural and fresh look.

As your own hair turns whiter add more blonde than dark, and then once you are happy loose the dark all together. Highlighted hair always looks much better than an all over blonde, some of your highlights could even be bleached to an Ivory blonde mixed with some natural blondes, even a few golden blondes would look great.

I do hope that answers your question and settles your dilemma, remember blondes have more fun!

Enjoy your blonde hair,

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester

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