I want to go from black back to my natural blonde! Help!!

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Hi Hair Doctor,

I have been dying my hair black for about 2-3 years now and decided I do not want it like this anymore, I want it a light brown.

I am a natural blonde so you can imagine how pale I look with black hair. I have tried stripping my hair and also bleaching it, it just goes gingery under the sun but then black when all together!


Rhia, Halifax

As you may know, artificial black hair colour is the hardest to remove from the hair. Especially when it is applied to natural blonde hair. The only thing I can recommend you do is have an in-depth consultation with a colourist who enjoys colour correction work. They will be able to tell you what can or can't be done with your hair and they should recommend you products and services to keep it in the best condition possible. I think that they would suggest a hair cut to remove as much of the dense black on the ends of the hair and then they would attempt cleansing the hair of the old colour and toning it to achieve a brown that is close to the one you want.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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